Content creation involves a variety of online presences in order to help bring attention to your business. Things such as videos, podcasts, photography, virtual reality, 360 video and more!

CONTENT=attention=Goal achIevement

(Goal achievement may be: higher sales, more followers, fundraising goals etc…)

The structure of marketing has not changed. Historically is was radio, newspaper and T.V advertising. Think about why you buy the products you do. The more you see the product on different platforms and the more you hear about them, the more likely you are to trust the brand and then therefore purchase them. The platforms have changed. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter, Anchor etc. Content creation involves the specific strategic planning and producing of videos, photos etc, that align with businesses goals and objectives in order to reach the intended target audiences and leading them through the “sales funnel”.


We are a content creation agency specializing in video production. Our goals are to bring your business to the forefront of attention by creating engaging and unique content tailored to your businesses goals and objects.

We create various content including:




  • Virtual Reality/360 video


…and more for your social media and digital marketing content strategy. We do not handle social media for you but rather create your content for you.

How did Beattie Film start?

In 2016, Founder Mitchell Beattie emptied his bank account; purchasing a GOPRO and a Drone. This launched his interest in video production. He began by filming his soccer trips when playing for his University team, documenting the trips and the behind the scenes. After receiving a lot of feedback, he realized he quite enjoyed the storytelling, filming and editing process and began pursuing it as a hobby. After sending nearly 300 emails over the course of 2 days asking local companies to film for them (for free), only 10 responded and only 1 asked him to come film. A local ski hill near his University. This began his first portfolio piece! After working 6 months in a marketing firm as the company videographer; Beattie Film was launched in May, 2018 after seeing a need for video and digital Content production through storytelling for local businesses, Global Businesses and NFP’s around the world. In the past year, Beattie Film has filmed in countries such as Uganda, Cambodia, Turks and Caicos and Iceland.


We have been lucky enough to have filmed in Uganda, Cambodia, Iceland, Mozambique, South Africa, Turks and Caicos, locally in Brockville and the 1000 Islands, Gananoque, Toronto, Las Vegas and more! Each project has been vastly different with many learning curves that have allowed us to grow. Having international film experience has even helped with local projects especially with run and gun quick shoots! Learning how to “use what you’ve got” has been exceptionally important and a valuable asset in the field!



Rukungiri Mountains, Uganda

Mitch Beattie



Mitchell Beattie founded BEATTIE FILM in May of 2018. He is currently based out of the 1000 Islands Region in Brockville, Ontario. He started out his filming career by purchasing a Drone and a GoPro and shooting every opportunity he could. “I love the creative process of bringing a story together through creative editing techniques to keep an audience engaged while incorporating new technology to stay current. “Being able to travel the world and tell people’s stories brings me one of the greatest joys. Along with my love for travel, I thoroughly enjoy playing sports (primarily soccer) and writing music!”

Olivia Graziano

Creative Contractor

Social Media Handle: @la.olivia

“Visual storytelling is a powerful media; it has the power to change the way people think and live.  That's one of the first things that drew me to video production.  My travels to Iceland, Cambodia, France, England, Belgium and Honduras have given me a wide appreciation for different cultures and ways of life and helped me develop my skills with a camera and during the post-production editing process.  I enjoy trying new things, reflecting deeply and exploring the outdoors”.

Wes Photo.jpg

Wesley Dean

Creative Contractor

Social Media Handle: @wesleypd

“I simply love producing videos that are beautiful, tell stories and make a difference in the world. It was post-college that I saw the potential to be an effective communicator through videos. Since that realization several years ago, I have had the opportunity to tell stories from all over the globe. My work shines the most when I am in the developing world, away from the big studios. I love going into a remote place and coming out with shots that not only look beautiful, but, when edited together, help communicate a very important message. Creating IMM has been a way for me to continue doing this with the invaluable help of other talented individuals”.

Ben Munkittrick

Creative Contractor

Social Media Handle: @bennymonty

Having met through university and clicking over soccer and their desire to start the trade of film at similar times, Ben has been a long time friend to Beattie Films. You won’t find Ben without his camera on his body and is always up for a hike on a glacier or a moto ride in rural Rwanda. He likes to film narrative filled videos and desires to tell the story that most people miss in this fast paced world. Ben enjoys both the adrenaline of a spontaneous shoot with friends as well as thought out films relaying important meaning.