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Content Creation SUBSCRIPTION

The monthly subscription model provides videos, photos, 360 content and unique content pieces for businesses of all sizes. Packages range from a video every month, all the way up to daily content being pushed through your businesses social media channels, website and more.

These packages objectives are to bring businesses attention in order to turn that attention into sales.

More Content = Attention = More Sales


Most of our short film clients are NGOs, NFPs and Religious Organizations looking for a marketing tool to display their work first hand through the power of storytelling.

Short Films provide an emotional non-fictional story that audiences can easily connect to. These are often used to help encourage fundraising and show current donors what their money is doing first hand in changing lives.

Click below to see an example:



We work with clients to educate and consult digital strategy. At the heart of every successful video, comes a well prepared digital marketing strategy, campaign and effective storytelling.

Whether this is setting up social media pages (Facebook, instagram, TicTok, Podcast Apps etc) creating video content, or helping define objectives and strategy for businesses; we breathe digital marketing!


Monthly Subscription Packages

Individual Videos Can Cost You between $1250-$50,000+ per video. What if you could get multiple videos and creative engaging content including 360 video, photography, aerial and more every month at a lower cost?

More online content = more attention = more sales.

The subscription based model is designed to help your business tell it's story through your online presence with budget friendly options. Don't see a package you like? Send us a message and we can build a custom package just for YOU!

*All packages do not factor in potential additional costs such as mileage and unforeseen. These packages do not include social media handling; we are a content creation agency. All costs associated to things such as a podcast (mics, recorder, computers etc) are not paid for by Beattie Film.


Small BUsiness Short Video

  • Promo video for website and social media

  • $920-$2500

Corporate Projects

  • Price varies depending on length and complexity

  • $3200 - $25,000+

Drone PHoto/video services

  • (filming) unedited - $$80/hr

  • (film +edit) edited - $80/hr film + $45/hour edit

  • (photo) - unedited - $80/hr

  • (photo) - edited - $80/hr film + $25/hour edit

(all prices do not include mileage costs)

Virtual Reality Videos

  • Filmed, edited and exported to fit virtual reality headsets to give a unique experience showcasing what you’re business and story has to offer.

  • $Price Varies

Real Estate Video

  • Interior and Exterior shots with touch up editing

  • $750+



  • Travel videos, corporate stories, social media, BTS and much more.

  • All expenses covered by hiring company plus $350 USD per travel day. $50 CDN/hr post production.

  • $Price Varies


  • See weddings tab at the top of the page or click HERE


Real Estate Photography

  • Interior and Exterior shots with touch up editing

  • $200-300

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